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1. Disclaimer — YC Web, YC Magazine, and Pluto Publishing, LLC, assume no liability for any usage of YC Web (www.ycmagazine.com or any Internet or website addresses associated with www.ycmagazine.com) or the YC Web Forum by any guest user or registered member user.
2. Before using the YC Web Forum, you should read and understand the Forum Rules listed on the YC Web Forum. Violation of certain rules can lead to revocation of membership or YC Web Forum posting privileges.
3. YC Web has numerous links to other websites and information resources. We do not guarantee to any user that these links or websites will connect or download.
4. All aspects of YC Web are subject to change without notice to any guest user or registered member user.
5. Being a registered member user on YC Web confers no specific rights or abilities except that some items of content become available and visible, and it grants access to the Forum. YC Web reserves the right to alter the content and areas of the website available to guest users and registered member users without notice.
6. It is your responsibility to have and maintain anti-virus protection software on your computer at all times when using the Internet, accessing any website, or downloading any file of any type from any source. YC Web takes strong precautions against virus invasion on YC Web, but YC Web is not responsible for the effects of any virus contamination to your computer from any source on YC Web or any website link listed on YC Web and assumes no liability for any virus contamination on any computer from any source. All users use the Internet at their own risk.
7. While YC Web attempts to ensure the high value of all information contained on YC Web, YC Web assumes no responsibility for the validity of any information posted on YC Web, YC Web Forum, or linked to through YC Web.
8. Registered membership is restricted to persons at least 18 years in age or older. In compliance with COPPA, we are a general audience website, we don’t contain any children-oriented sections, we ask for user age, and we do not collect personal data from any user that could be used to identify the user.
9. Other than the information requested when you register for a member account, YC Web collects no personal identifying information from any user. YC Web Forum users can post detailed personal information in their personal profiles that could lead to direct identification; however, this information is not requested by, collected by, or required by YC Web and is not necessary for the use of a member account when on the YC Web Forum. The posting of personal, identifiable information on the YC Web Forum is at the sole discretion of the registered member user, and that user assumes all liability and responsibility for the consequences of posting his or her personal information.
10. YC Web reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of YC Web and YC Web Forum usage rules at any time without prior notice.

If You Need To Contact Us — You can report any problems or issues by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Privacy Policy
We do not give or sell registered member information to anyone outside of YC Web or YC Magazine. We only collect the information requested when you register for membership.

We do not collect personal profile data from the YC Web Forum.  Personal profile data listed on the YC Web Forum is open to viewing by all registered members.


Classified Ads — Terms and Conditions of Use
1. The online Classified Ads are currently restricted to individuals. Ads cannot be placed for businesses, products, or services. Only Registered Members can place an ad. The basic Classified Ads are currently free to individuals.
2. Ads require approval before posting online. While this typically happens within a few hours from when you submit the ad, or overnight, it can take up to three days.
3. All transactions are between the buyer and the seller exclusively. YC Web and YC Magazine, as well as the moderators for the Classified Ads, do not warranty or guarantee the condition of anything offered for sale. We do not recommend any seller to any buyer, nor do we recommend any buyer to any seller. We will not act as intermediary for any transaction. No seller can use YC Web or YC Magazine as his or her contact point for buyers.
4. All ads run automatically for about two weeks. If you do not renew the ad it expires automatically.
5. We do not accept ads for adult services, roommates, or “personal” ads. We do not post ads that might involve what appears to be illegal or questionable, in poor taste, or inflammatory.
6. YC Web reserves the right to refuse any ad at any time, and remove any ad at any time, before or after posting the ad online, with or without stated  reason.
7. YC Web does not collect any contact information from any ad for marketing purposes. We require certain forms of information for identification reasons and we archive old ads for a certain time period, but we do not extract contact information for marketing or advertising.
8. All Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to change without notice. The Terms and Conditions for Classified Ads are additional to the Website, Forum, and Registered Member Terms and Conditions.





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